Ser Technology Corporation

Reasons to Buy

Here are four key reasons to purchase one of our Fetch Marketing programs.

This will look like a typo: there have been more than 28,000 pages of new regulations since 2009. 28,000. Which demands a staggering amount of time and effort simply to keep pace with those regulatory changes.

Well, breathe easy. Each and every one of Ser Tech’s Fetch Marketing programs are fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act.

The process for our campaigns is simple:

  • We obtain your membership file.

  • Using a sophisticated credit prescreen process, we identify members (or potential members) who meet specific credit and life event criteria.

  • Together, we’ll develop your credit union’s custom offer letter.

  • We print and mail the letters to those targeted members.

  • Loan opportunities allow your staff to further cross-sell other lending products, and include payment protection to increase your non-interest income.

  • If you wish, we can provide a Return on Investment analysis to quantify the value of the loans generated by the campaign -- including any products that are cross sold.

  • DATA

    In today's evolving world of data technology in competitive lending, the importance of gathering and understanding information about your credit union and your members has never been greater. Data is intelligence and allows you to follow-up with members that are highly relevant to you and an opportunity for new loans.


    For every $1 invested in Ser Tech’s Auto Loan Recapture campaign, credit unions, on average, have received over $6 in gross interest income in the first year -- and have racked up an additional 8% in loan volume.