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Predictive | Prescreen

Finding the right customers at the right time!

A prescreen of consumer tradelines using over 2,000 attributes.

Fetch Predictive Marketing campaigns incorporate a sophisticated prescreen process to target only creditworthy candidates for refinancing a loan or a new loan opportunity!

Our predictive marketing process:

  • Identifies creditworthy customers (or prospects) who recently financed a loan elsewhere or that meet the profile of a consumer that has a higher likelihood of needing credit
  • Selects only qualified candidates based on credit score, tradelines, behavior and other credit-quality attributes
  • Includes a customized “pre-qualified” loan offer to customers or prospects via multi-channel delivery (mail, email, or online banking)

Benefits of Fetch Predictive Marketing

  • Leverage sophisticated credit bureau data to target only optimal customers and prospects
  • Avoid mass marketing and control risk by targeting only qualified parties
  • Save on marketing costs and resources with an all-inclusive, turnkey marketing program – from design to delivery to reporting
  • Increase your market share by recapturing loans that your customers financed elsewhere
  • Take advantage of significant economies-of-scale achieved through Ser’s batch processing and bureau partnerships at significantly lower costs
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and create tremendous cross-sell opportunities