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Risk Management

Clear access to loan information allows credit unions the ability to make informed decisions on lending practices and institutional strategy.

ProAct is a tool for stakeholders at all levels within the organization. From the C-level suite to accounting, lending and collections, ProAct allows financial institutions to seamlessly access data and to make informed decisions. We structured ProAct in key subject areas with a multitude of views to best optimize data availability, organization and use.

  • Have loan terms and member information at your fingertips across various subsections

  • Evaluate allocation at the portfolio level and specific terms at the loan level

  • Monitor credit score migration and real estate coverage ratios

  • Support ALLL reserve analysis and estimate future risk


    Compliance requirements and regulations have become more stringent, and credit unions are under more scrutiny over how they track their loan portfolios and base their operating and lending decisions. The NCUA issued a set of guidelines it uses to evaluate credit unions and their ability to properly manage concentration risk. ProAct addresses each of these guidelines.

  • Measure credit score migration and manage risk of borrowers by product and originator channel

  • Analyze underwriting characteristics and loan structure

  • Monitor market by geography and property type for property value changes.

  • Vintage analysis

  • Stress test portfolios

  • Maintain comprehensive and accurate data for each risk area

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