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Protect Analytics

ProAct is a Data Analytics Powerhouse

All you want to know about your loan portfolio β€” including analytics, reporting, and calculations you need to grow, protect, and comply β€” is in here. It's loaded with advanced visualization, geographical, and spacial modeling tools and custom reporting. If you have questions about your credit portfolio, ProAct can help you find the answers. So, what do you want to know?
Why ProAct?

Thanks to ProAct, our clients save an estimated $200K each, annually. This tool delivers on the promise of cloud-based data warehousing and business intelligence, eliminating expensive infrastructure and staffing costs.

Clients and auditors alike love ProAct. It’s smart and simplified.
Credit score migration, real estate valuation, loan default analysis, ALLL (CECL) calculations β€” check, check, check, and check!
Is your data in a bunch of different places? Do you have to pull it together in spreadsheets, manually? Our consultants will organize your data into one streamlined, supportive data warehouse.
ProGuard Account Review (PAR)

Because of our close relationship with Equifax, we're able to offer our clients significant attribute data at a markedly lower cost. Credit unions can use these attributes to make important decisions to manage risk and benefit their members. We can also perform fulfillment activities, such as informing members of changes to their account terms, using direct mail or email.

Why ProGuard Account Review?

Your account review data can be segmented according to your instructions. You can take action depending on the segments.
We have thousands of data attributes available, and can request up to five credit model scores per member.
Fulfillment services are regulatory compliant, including FCRA and Reg-Z, determining ability to pay if you are offering credit line increases.
Pricing is probably less than you are paying now, with all these features and more!
ProGuard Analytics

Do you need sophisticated analytics and charting to visualize the results of your ProGuard Account Review? ProGuard Analytics utilizes its advanced decisioning attributes to enhance and extend your ProGuard Account Review.

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