Ser Technology Corporation

Fetch Home

We'll help make you a hero with your members by saving them money on the biggest investment of their lives or by freeing up equity when they really need it.

Using our prescreen process, we narrow down potential customers to the ones who meet your own predefined credit criteria.

Home Equity Recapture (HER) – Identifies and targets members with existing home equity loans and lines of credit at institutions other than yours.

Home Equity Acquisition (HEA) – Reaches out to those with existing first mortgages, but not a current home equity loan or line of credit. Ideal for members who need to fix up their house or pay off debts.

Mortgage Recapture (MR) – Targets creditworthy members saddled with high interest rate mortgages and soon-to-balloon adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). Prescreening can also filter by age of the existing mortgage. By refinancing your members’ high interest rate loans, you can save them money – and build brand loyalty.

Mortgage Acquisition (MA) – Targets members without a current mortgage. Ideal for creditworthy home purchasers wanting to borrow from a reputable financial institution.

What do you
call a member with a great home equity rate? A loyal member.