Ser Technology Corporation

Data Warehousing

Ser Tech helps clients solve their data problem, resulting in operational improvements.

Leveraging data to its greatest potential is crucial for any institution. Managing data is a challenge for all businesses. Ser supports all aspects of data from compilation to subsequent strategy changes.

  • Aggregation from disparate systems

  • Cleansing

  • Storage

  • Access

  • Visualization

  • Decision-making

  • Ser imports loan information into a robust data warehouse for each of our clients. Loan information across all portfolios is leveraged from a single repository. The data warehouse is the foundation for ProAct data visualization, reporting and analysis.

    Demonstrate to examiners that there is a single source and location to monitor movements and changes in the loan portfolio.

    Avoid merging
    spreadsheets and data from different departments to satisfy your compliance and reporting requirements.