Ser Technology Corporation

Fetch Freedom

What do people want most from their credit union? Credit.

Whether your members need help with large home improvement projects or everyday expenses, our credit card and personal loan programs will give them some much-needed breathing room — while giving your credit union the benefit of higher potential interest rates.

Credit Card Acquisition (CCA) – Our prescreen process identifies credit-worthy members who qualify to apply for a credit card based on good credit history, and responsible management of revolving credit.
Credit Card Recapture (CCR) – All the same great features of the Acquisition campaign but also allows you to also target members that have existing revolving debt.  
Personal Loan Acquisition (PLA) – Ser Tech identifies personal loan prospects by prescreening for a blend of credit quality and responsible credit usage. We then send out tiered-offers based on credit levels, helping you to further control your portfolio risk.  
Student Loan Recapture (SLR) **NEW** – - This new campaign identifies members with student loans who could benefit from refinancing their loans through your credit union.  

You can
mail your credit card offers right before summer and holidays or whenever you make product enhancements.