Ser Technology Corporation

Fetch Auto

Identify creditworthy members and extend pre-qualified auto offers before other lenders do.

Ser Tech’s automobile marketing campaigns identify your most creditworthy members and sends them pre-qualified offers before other lenders can even think about it.

Auto Loan Recapture® (ALR) – Our most popular campaign targets qualified members who recently obtained an auto loan from another financial institution. ALR can increase your auto loan portfolio by an average of 8%. Just in year one, on average, you’ll generate $6 in interest for every $1 spent.

Next Car Purchase (NCP) – Get your members to secure financing with your credit union – even before they start car shopping. We automatically target members whose auto loans are approaching payoff – because they’re most likely to be buying a new vehicle very soon.

Universal Auto (UA) – Combines ALR and NCP into one powerful package that opens up all potential auto loans to your credit union. Whether you want to bring auto loan customers back into the fold or finance your members’ next new car.

New Car Acquisition (NCA) – Targets creditworthy members who are in the market for a new car.

Auto Loan Recapture®
can increase your auto loan portfolio by an average of 8%.