Ser Technology Corporation

Fetch Responsive Triggers

Know when your members are shopping for a loan!

Ser Tech‘s Responsive Triggers Marketing service provides daily leads and contact fulfillment for mortgage, credit card, auto and personal loan opportunities based on monitoring loan inquiries of all consumers throughout the United States. Trigger data provides a relevant, time-sensitive view of members with an active interest in obtaining a loan in the near future.

We partner with the credit bureau to monitor your members or non-members (based on your target geography requirements) for loan inquiries or triggers. Once a targeted consumer inquires about a loan outside of your institution, we receive a notification the following day and market your credit union’s loan offer immediately. We receive data from the bureau and provide mailing reports to our clients daily.

This information is powerful! There are no warmer leads! Our Trigger programs allow you to market to and follow-up with prospects actively in the market to secure the loan with your credit union.

Experts say that 60% of loan shoppers will commit to a loan within a week of a credit bureau inquiry, with further analysis showing that inquiry based trigger programs achieve 5% to 12% response rates.

We can set up monitoring of consumers based on additional criteria such as credit score, derogatory and adverse events on the credit file.

What is the value of Responsive Marketing?

  • Each trigger you receive is potentially one of your members taking a loan away from your credit union – be aware of such activity and retain, retain, retain

  • Other financial institutions are purchasing triggers and are in the ear of your members – combat their marketing with equal data and effort

  • Use potential member campaigns to build your membership base with credit qualified consumers that are actively in the market for loans – attack and grow