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An enterprise risk management system for your loan portfolio.


ProAct is a comprehensive consumer loan management system designed to identify, measure, and manage portfolio risk and opportunity. Data is compiled from multiple sources, including core systems, mortgage processing, credit card processing, and credit bureau agencies as well as property valuation companies. Loan and member level data is encrypted and stored in a secure data warehouse and then transformed into web-based dashboards. Users access dashboards and reports to delve into portfolio analytics, loan reporting, and data segmentation.

ProAct is composed of five main performance indicator areas (KPI), which include Quality, Delinquency, Charge-Off, Migration, and Risk. Loan data in each KPI area can be dissected by portfolio, credit score tier, branch, dealership, counties, etc. to reveal trends in loan and membership data. Through these KPI areas, credit unions are better positioned to present risk and reward to internal supervisory committees and external regulatory agencies.

ProAct is an enterprise solution and supports state and federal compliance requirements. Stakeholders using ProAct typically include the Executive Team, Board, Regulatory Committee, and Unit Business Owners. Specifically, Lending, Credit Risk Committee, ALCO Committee, and the Finance Committees use analytics monthly to accomplish the following:

  • Measure a credit union’s loan portfolio for current and future risk propensity

  • Assess risk and opportunity from the portfolio, tier, loan, and member levels

  • Summarize current issues, potential risk and opportunity
  • ProAct is based on Microsoft’s Visual Studio environment. SQL Server is used as the database engine, and the front end is web-based. There is no client software required to run ProAct.