Ser Technology Corporation

Fetch Marketing

Targeted, credit-based marketing that really works!

We go get and bring back loans with our marketing campaigns. Our loan generation marketing programs leverage credit data to precisely target those members or potential members who are the most attractive loan candidates to you. Campaign options run the gamut of loan products including Auto, Credit Card, Mortgage, Home Equity, Personal Loans and Student Loans.
Using a membership or a potential member file, Ser will screen through its partner credit bureaus to identify consumers who meet your credit criteria. We work with your team to design a customized offer. As credit bureau agents, we have everything necessary to help grow your loan portfolio. We are currently providing these offers via mail and email, and home banking offer delivery is coming soon!

Ser Tech’s Fetch Marketing is comprised of two primary products:
Prescreen of consumer tradelines using over 2,000 attributes. Our prescreen campaigns can target a multitude of loan products and can screen based on credit score, existence of a tradeline, age of loan, and balance amongst many other options. We design monthly outreach campaigns to screen and market to your membership in order to optimize the number of touches and response rate.
Monitor consumer loan inquiries called triggers to target opportunities actively in the market. Daily trigger data is available for mortgage, credit card, auto and personal loan. Screen members or potential members based on credit score and other credit related criteria. We receive and market against data daily to ensure a prompt touchpoint. We also provide daily reports so that your credit union can follow-up immediately.

Why Fetch Marketing?
Unlike bank-style mass mailings and emails, Fetch Marketing is very targeted. This service only reaches members who are in the market or most likely to be in the market for a loan or credit card. It's also turnkey, meaning that once we onboard, the process runs seamlessly to continuously market to the most attractive prospects and allow the loans to come to you!
We have plenty of programs to choose from across all loan categories, both new and refinanced! All of our marketing materials comply with required federal and state laws.
And yes, it does work! In the past decade, we've helped credit unions generate over $10 billion in loans for their members.
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