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Give them their FICO® Score. They’ll give you all the credit.

Flitter is an online platform that integrates with the credit union’s home banking network to provide FICO Score Open Access (FSOA) and credit education to members.

FSOA requires compliance with: FCRA permissible purpose, credit bureau specific best practices, frequency of account review, FICO brand maintenance, score display elements, chart structure, support for score model attributes, opt-out, disclosures, disclaimers, monthly usage reporting to FICO, etc. Ser has fulfilled all requirements necessary to provide this program to clients.

That’s why Ser Tech is proud to bring you Flitter™. Which gives your members not those other “education scores”, but the real, authentic FICO® Score – the score that truly determines what loans and loan terms they qualify for.

Each Flitter report provides the member’s FICO score, the key factors affecting that score, plus a thorough explanation of those factors.
With Flitter, members can also display an up to 12-month FICO® Score trend analysis. They’ll also receive comprehensive FICO score education, financial health management tips, Balance Pro consumer credit counseling and other helpful services.

Ser will work with clients to integrate with their home banking provider through use of our API or Single Sign On SAML technology. Members will receive the FICO® Score delivered with the credit union’s most recent account review.

Flitter Screen integrates with our Fetch Predictive or Responsive Marketing campaigns to make direct loan offers to your members online.

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