Ser Technology Corporation

Account Review

Finally, an account review at a reasonable price.

A robust and cost-efficient member account review that secures FICO® or other credit score options along with 41 additional credit attributes.

Credit unions are tasked with monitoring their risk and member risk to manage ALLL and comply with examiners. As such, Ser offers an affordable Account Review of their members to regularly return current credit score and important credit attributes. This information allows the credit union to monitor member risk and credit health by evaluating credit score migration and key credit activity.

We want to make sure you have your finger on the pulse of health of your membership and provide transparency to trends, opportunities and risks. We provide reporting with our Account Review to monitor the basic elements of member credit profile changes.

A selection of the 41 attributes that come with our Flitter Account Review include:

  • Number of open accounts by loan type

  • Total balance by loan type

  • Past due amounts by loan type

  • Number of past due tradelines by loan type

  • Number of recent inquiries

  • Number of derogatory events

  • Percent balance and debt utilization rates


  • Monitor member credit health and score migration (by securing credit scores on a periodic basis)

  • Access multiple scoring models (including FICO® Bankcard, FICO® Auto, Bankruptcy Navigator Index)

  • Less expensive

  • Reg-Z attributes available (to gauge member “ability to pay”)

  • Line of credit fulfillment available (if Reg-Z attributes are purchased)

  • Supplies the FICO® Score required for Flitter and ProAct

  • To find out more about Account Review, email us at: